11:20 AM

I'm playing Uncharted 3. I just survived the plane crash, found the ghost town and have met up with the Salim and his desert horse guys. Whew! Allow me to make the following comment about this game: Holy Screaming Camel Shit!™ I'm a Gen-1 gamer; my first video game was Pong. I stayed up all night playing Space

4:25 PM

I just started Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3). Holy Zarquon's singing fish! First, what a great game. Second, Drake has gone over to the dark side! I was ok with knocking out the museum guards or shooting them with trank darts, but he pulled one of them off the roof to fall to his death! The guards are not bad guys, Read more

6:50 PM

Just finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, part 1. So. Many. Zombies!

8:14 AM

Thanks for all the good input guys. I got Uncharted 1 &2, and RDR. Ready to rock and roll! Read more

7:36 AM

Hello, all. I'm an old retired guy; my first video game was Pong. On a whim I just ordered a PS3. We used to have a PS2 when our kids were little, and I kind of enjoyed it. Most of the games I liked were FPS: MoA, CoD etc. I have a pretty nice 55" LED hi-def tv so I think it will look ok. So, what games should I get Read more