Nice. I too exist because of a singular event: the second world war. My father's family were Italians who had settled in West Virginia, of all places. My mother's people were Scots/Irish in Mississippi. My dad was drafted and sent to Camp Shelby in Mississippi for training; they met on a blind date, and married when he … » 4/18/14 2:39pm Friday 2:39pm

Interesting. The Graham Cracker, beloved of pie crusts and preschool snacks, also started life as a sort of health food. It was invented by one Sylvester Graham around 1830 as part of his Graham Diet. Graham believed that carnal urges and "self abuse" were caused by eating excessively tasty foods, so his diet consisted… » 4/14/14 6:37pm 4/14/14 6:37pm

Just so we're all clear, you can't power something with just heat; there has to be a difference in heat. The First Law of Thermodynamics and all that. Normal skin temperature is about 95 degrees F. If you're someplace where the air temperature is also 95 degrees (Washington DC in the summer for example), you can… » 4/14/14 1:51pm 4/14/14 1:51pm