Cryptonomicon. I’ve read it cover to cover seven times but I want more. Neal set it up for a sequel, the further adventures of Lawrence Waterhouse in the Cold War, but so far nothing. Neal, I’ve read everything else you’ve ever written, and I’m not getting any younger. Please, a sequel? Thanks. » 4/28/15 7:09am Today 7:09am

Guide for young people: in the olden times “managing your music” consisted of handling stacks of 78 rpm records; they were widely used until the ‘60s, first shellac and later vinyl. The hight of technology was the Capehart changer, a mechanical contraption that played both sides of a stack of records. » 4/28/15 10:04am Today 10:04am

During WW-II Lionel, the toy train company, was busy making war stuff like telegraph keys; there was no spare metal for toy trains. However for Christmas 1943 they came out with their Wartime Freight Train edition. It was a paper train printed on heavy card stock, die-cut so you could just pop the parts out and put… » 4/27/15 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm

The now-infamous ADE 651 bomb “detector” was based on dowsing non-science. UK manufacturer ATSC sold thousands of these bogus devices to the defense forces of dozens of countries, pocketing upwards of $100 Million. ATSC founder Jim McCormick was convicted of fraud and is now doing a dime in a British prison. » 4/24/15 1:44pm Friday 1:44pm

I was around for all the Cold War fun. Government instructions to potential evacuees told them to be sure to take change of address forms and credit cards with them as they ran for their lives. They told us the address cards were so they could reunite families, but the government was really worried about collecting… » 4/24/15 12:22pm Friday 12:22pm